As a writer, dancer, choreographer and performing artist, Maribeth is interested in trans-disciplinary work, collaboration and the process of creating. She has directed various showcases of merging disciplines, the 2014 and 2015 Summer Showcase in Lemont, IL and the Hope Artistic Telephone project at Hope College in Holland, MI. As an alum and choreographer of Strike Time Dance Company, she has helped lead in the creation of a touring dance theater show that  performed at schools across Michigan, and the piece “Sunflowers Together” that was performed at Dance and the Child International in Adelaide, AUS in 2018. Her written work has been published in Scarlet Leaf Review, Dog’s Breakfast, The 3288 Review, and is included in the Strike Time Dance Company’s repertory and other collaborative performances. Before spending 2016-2018 training with Inlet Dance Theatre as a protege, Maribeth received her Bachelors of Arts from Hope College, where she studied dance, writing and French.

Maribeth is currently in Holland, MI where she is creating with StrikeTime Dance Theatre and is the company management specialist at Mason Street Warehouse Theatre.


Photograph credit to Elizabeth Eader and Evan Rodgers

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